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1935 - Chapter One, The Greedy Fox
June 30th, 1935...
 In most of the world, it is customary that- upon the setting of the sun- the land grows cooler and the night air thinner, crisper, but New York City would be damned before she sang to anyone else’s hymn sheet: by daylight the city was balmy, and the air moist and sweet, but when eventide came it sweltered and broiled. The streets were made rancid with the musty smell of garbage, which not only littered every embankment from The Hudson to The East River, but lay discarded in the streets, ironic placeholders for the human trash who deserved to be there but had been delayed at Wall Street.
And this was a problem only exacerbated by the city’s propensity for dazzling onlookers: night meant almost nothing here, because New York shone just as bright when the moon was high as it did midday. From a distance, it looked very photogenic, but up close it was an attack on the senses, a series of heated beams, streetlamps and torches, all of unnatural shad
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My goodness, it's been an awfully long time since I've dipped my rather un-buoyant toes into the large, imposing sea of artwork that is DeviantArt, hasn't it?
Why, so much must have changed during my absence!
The interface must be so much more pristine, now: No doubt a simplified, but none the less rather sleek version of it's former self!
Hrm, what's that? It's still a green toolbar? Well... don't fix what's not broken, I suppose!
Perhaps, then, they've finally changed the messaging system! So that I, and other users who don't frequent the website quite so much anymore, can see our latest messages on the first page of our inbox, without scrolling to the twelfth! 
What? That hasn't changed either? O-Oh, haha... ha! Of course not! I... I needed the exercise, anyway! Jolly good, DeviantArt!
Go on, then, I bet at the very least, writers have become a seriously appreciated part of the DeviantArt culture! No doubt there's been a massive leap in society, and now it's not only visual artists who're consciously contributing to the Deviant zeitge-
They aren't? Are... are we sure?
Well bollocks to it all! Let's just... let's just get to the bloody point.

Hello again, beloved (and only slightly abandoned) watchers! 
That's right, I was out on the town again and I only went and got myself tagged. 
Typical, I know- but what's a man to do? The clinic doesn't open for a couple of hours yet, so I suppose I best just get it out of my system now, eh?
Let's go!

And thank you for nothing, :iconmusical0love0:

You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs.
7. No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
8. You have to tag 10 people.

Boy, redundant rules are sort of repetitive, huh?
Well, let's get this show on the road. 

Ten things about me
  • 1) I'm currently learning Russian, and I'm not entirely sure why. I suppose it never hurts to know an extra language! And since I've started, I've met a lot of very lovely Russian people, so it's become beneficial as time's gone on. 

  • 2) I pick a banjo now.

  • 3) Although I'm almost certain that anybody personally associated with me is already well aware of this, I'm an avid roleplayer. I write roleplays, I read roleplays, and I'm currently DMing a new DnD campaign- this is my first time DMing, and I'm doing so with a group of players who couldn't possibly be newer to the game.
    It's actually quite fun!

  • 4) I'm a massive fan of a game called "Steambot Chronicles" (otherwise known as 'BumpyTrot' elsewhere), which was an Atlus produced game for the PS2. Originally, it was meant to have a sequel on the PS3 ("Steambot Chronicles 2" and "BumpyTrot 2" respectively), but the sequel was cancelled after the tsunamis in Japan, when a lot of the data was destroyed. 
    The cancellation was announced years ago, but whenever I look at my PS2/PS3, I remember that I probably won't ever play that sequel, and it makes me rather sad.

  • 5) I've been meditating for between six and seven years now, and I'm still not sure I'm doing it right. Eheh. 
  • 6) It seems like people can't actually place where my accent comes from. I'm not the sort who says, "Oh, well I don't really have an accent", because everyone does, but for the life of us, nobody I know can really describe mine. It's certainly not Lancastrian- which, having grown up in Lancashire, one might expect- nor is it any breed of Scottish.
    It's a good conversation starter, though.
    "Where's your accent from?"
    "That's a very good question. Go on, take a guess."
  • 7) Quite recently I've started using Jonathan Coulton's "Artificial Heart" album as the sort of faux-soundtrack to my life. For the most part, it's been rather fitting- "Good morning Tucson" perfectly encapsulates my sentiments when I first wake, "Not coming down today" and "Glasses" are very fitting for when I get my 'second wind', part way through the day, so on and etc.
    The only weird thing is, the album also contains a lot of very somber, meaningful songs, and...
    I can never recall them play between the more uplifting ones. Odd. 
    I'm a psychology student, maybe I should look into that...

  • 8) Alright, this one's a little embarrassing. I still haven't memorised all the lyrics to "God Save the Queen", despite being a rather proud Brit. On a similar note, however, I know all of 'O Flower of Scotland', and at least three versions of "Scotland the Brave", both very popular Scottish anthems. 
    Runs in the blood I guess! Heh.
  • 9) One of my favourite songs is John Denver's "Take me home, Country Roads", but I didn't actually know he'd written it until I was in my very late pre-teens. I'd first heard it in a Studio Ghibli film called "Whispers of the Heart", in which it was sung with entirely different, but equally endearing lyrics. 
    I've come to appreciate the John Denver version a lot more, as I associate it more with my adult life, but my love for the song continues to embolden my love for Whispers of the Heart, too. 

  • 10) I once had these two friends, called Prince and Laura. I got on well with Prince from the start, but the same cannot be said of Laura (she went by Laura Shadow), with whom I had the most turbulent relationship. We were friends, that much was clear- but there was a certain animosity between the two of us I still struggle fully to explain. 
    I think it's because when I first met her, I was... an idiot, I suppose. And as time went on, I became more intelligent- because both she and Prince put effort into making me such- but that first impression of idiocy never quite dissipated for her, I don't think. 
    Anyway. I thought rather highly of her, not that she'd ever have known from our venomous exchanges- I like to think some small part of her quite liked me too, but that's an admittedly unlikely tale. 
    She disappeared a few years ago; By no means is she truly gone, but she's seen it fit to cut communication, and block myself and Prince on whatever fronts she could. I'm forced to conclude that her subconscious hatred for me eventually overcame our conscious friendship, and she saw it fit to abandon us. 
    That's alright, I'm not bitter anymore: I'm just mentioning her on the off chance that, whilst she's gallivanting around the internet, she might see this. 
    I just wanted to say thanks for putting the effort in, I suppose. I appreciated the gesture, and it's helped develop me into what I am today (a frightfully grumpy old man, in a frightfully grumpy young man's body), yourself and Prince (:iconaxelthedarkhero:of course! Who's seen it fit to stick with me all these years, and become my best friend.
    So, thanks. 

  • TL;DR: Although my writing style and any accentual inflections on such are most decidedly my own, I was actually an incoherent mess before I found two people willing to put up with me for long enough. I've got some groovy, groovy friends.

Ten set questions

Bring it muchacho, I'm ready!

1. Finish the lyrics: Will you still need me, will you still feed me  ____??

When I'm, sixty-four!

2. Pray tell, my sweetest, what is your favourite song?

Now there's a tricky one. I don't really have a 'favourite' song, nor a favourite genre: I do have a few that I enjoy very much though, so I can jot them down under certain categories. 

Recently I've been singing 'Going to Georgia' by The Mountain Goats, I'm enamoured with it.
On a slightly wider scale, I've also been singing Jonathan Coulton's "Goodmorning Tucson" to myself a lot over the last couple of months, it's been in my head for goodness knows how long.
In the long run, though, a song that always returns to my affections is John Denver's "Country Roads", I heard it in a different format (a film) when I was very young, and since then the rhythm and both sets of lyrics have stayed rather prominently in my heart.

3. Cake, OR DEATH?!

Hrm... what flavour is the cake?

4. Is green a creative colour?

Green is not a creative colour.

5.What's the scariest movie, or story you've ever seen/heard?

"I have no mouth and I must scream" is a short story that I read when I was still quite young, for reasons I cannot entirely recall. It terrified me way into my teens, but I'd heavily encourage people to read it all the same.

6.What's your gender?

Male. Can't you tell by my long, flowing curls?

7.Can I please, please, PLEASE love you?

Hrmm... well, I suppose. But no biting.

8.What's the meaning of life?

To look for the meaning of life, of course.

9.Oh! By the way, nice shoe-laces!

Hey, thanks! I figured, "Why not spoil myself?"

10.Do you like me?~

S-Shut up, baka...

(Questions provided by :iconmusical0love0:)

Ten questions of my own

Haha! It's like twenty questions.
I-If... if half of them were missing, I mean.
... shut up.

  • 1) How do you take your tea? (If you're a coffee drinker, use the time everyone else is using to answer the question to go make yourself a cup of tea, you savage.)

  • 2) Did you know Rita?

  • 3) Do you know any other languages? If so, how well? 

  • 4) Who's your favourite writer? And why?

  • 5) Do you remember the gamecube? How awesome was that thing?

  • 6) Terrans! What is your profession?!

  • 7) What would you say is your most appealing feature? Why?

  • 8) Name one cherished object in your life: Now explain why it's precious to you.

  • 9) Why did Churchill call them 'The Few'?

  • 10) What's the first song you can remember? 
Ten chumps I've tagged
Listen up you maggots, I don't like you and you don't like me!
A-Actually I quite like you lot, can we be friends?
... roll call!

And, although I'm almost certain you won't read this,

Go forth, and answer pointless questions, friends!

  • Listening to: Enoch - The Mountain Goats
  • Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy
  • Watching: Jack Dee: Live at the Apollo
  • Playing: Bioshock Infinite
  • Eating: Chinese food
  • Drinking: Tea


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Jenno Jennofski
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I rolled poorly on charisma but my asshole stat is astronomical. Play it cool, and they'll never know we're actually an octopus. A Jesus of Vroom. The Octo P.I.

Current Residence: The Heart Break Hotel
Operating System: Windows, because I'm a cog in the capitalist machine.
Skin of choice: That of my fallen enemies.
Favourite cartoon character: Does Spike Spiegel constitute a cartoon character?
Personal Quote: "As always mistress you leave me limp... with excitement."
"Well you better leave before I make you stiff... With rigamortis!"



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